meet the geek

The artist currently known as Digital Bohemian (DB) is also known as Casey.  Or Ms. Conan if you’re nasty.  She enjoys all things beer-related, specifically drinking it.  No, she doesn’t think she has a problem, but thanks for asking.  She’s a graphic designer by day and a punk rock chaostician by night.  She occasionally wakes up in South Philly with no memory of how she got there.  She spends her weekends on a horse-drawn carriage and was once paid money to act like a dying 8 year old boy with a stutter.  She has a degree in Rocket Science she never uses and half a degree in Psychology she never plans to use.  She has tattoos.  You can’t see them, and yes, they hurt.  Her glasses are real, her haircolor isn’t.  She hates pickles and tomatos, but loves guacamole and Mexican chocolate.  She knows more about physics than you do.  She knows less about music than she thinks she does.  She’s very friendly, but don’t feed her after midnight.  Her favourite color is purple and she once dated a secret service agent.  She writes things on the Internet for her own amusement.


One response to “meet the geek

  1. Found your little blog through The System and have added you to my feed. While I can’t quite call myself a geek, I am hopelessly in love with one and thus I am one by proxy. Thanks for making me smile…


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