Bad Ass Fajitas #1: Concept Sketches

UPDATE: New, bigger sketch with 100% more Zimbro and Nat!

Ok, so remember how ALL my BarGeek files were stored on my external hard drive?  Including emoticomics templates?  Yes, fun times.

So instead of an Emoticomics today, you get a sneak peek of something I’m working on.  For the moment, we’re calling it Bad Ass Fajitas (why?  It’s a long story involving an Austin, TX fajita cart).  I have provided for your enjoyment/ridicule some character sketches.  Also, a few notes:

a) I am aware I look somewhat like a Kurt Halsey drawing.
b) I drew these with a mouse.  Have pity.
c) I know the hands look wonky.  I can’t draw hands to save an asthmatic kitten’s life.
d) I need advice on how to draw people with intricate tattoos (such as myself and ToxicLife down there).
e) The near and dear Nolando really IS that skinny.


Hopefully my files will be saved from the depths of the hard drive soon.




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2 responses to “Bad Ass Fajitas #1: Concept Sketches

  1. Helen

    Awesome drawings!!!

  2. See we all knew you could draw, you were just holding out on us. The hands and tatoos look fine, it’s a stylistic decision, and they fit very well within your style.

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