Webcomic Thursday: Overcompensating

Phew, so it looks like I’m back.  I still haven’t managed to save the files from my external hard drive, but the computer itself is functional again, allowing me to finish all giant projects in an efficient and timely manner and thus return to the banality that is BarGeek.  So let’s move on with our lives and keep on keepin’ on, shall we?

Do you like going to a new webcomic and just pressing the “random comic” button.  I do.  It fills me with glee and sparkles.  Some comics don’t work well with randomness.  Some comics drop you in the middle of a storyline wherein everyone is sleeping with everyone else and there’s a cactus somewhere doing something and the world is ending and OMG KITTY.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m all for serial comics.  I love a good storyline.  But damnit I love chaos, too!  I love randomness!  Give me my random button or give me death!

*achem*, well, if you love your random button like I do, you will love Overcompensating.


Overcompensating is the brainchild of Jeffrey Rowland, the former billionaire playboy genius behind Wigu and the overlord of TopatoCo (the internet warehouse for all your webcomic t shirt awesomesauce needs).

The comic follows the true to life and sometimes not true to life adventures of Jeffrey and his compatriots, Weedmaster P, Baby, Tallahassee Econolodge, Joanna the dead cat, and various incarnations of your favourite webcomic peoples.


There is the occasional story arc, but overall this is an incredibly fun comic to just jump on into.  Like a pool full of rum punch.  It’s a funny, occasionally topical, always crazy, and wonderfully random comic that makes me wish I lived in Easthampton with all these crazy folks.  If life had a random button, it would be Jeffrey Rowland.




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