Webcomic…Thursday? Wapsi Square

Sorry folks, regular work kicked my flat Irish behind yesterday, and until you all start paying me a yearly salary (hint hint), the office job must take priority.  So without further ado, here is my belated Webcomic Wednesday post.

Do you like mythology?  Intrigue?  Mystery? Giant boobs?  Then you’ll love Wapsi Square.


Paul Taylor’s rich tapestry of a webcomic centers around Monica, a half Mexican, half Irish museum curator with a tendency towards chimera wrangling, Nancy Drewing ancient mythological puzzles, and defeating her own (very real) demons.  Oh, and she has boobs.


Taylor’s art style is one of my favourites and the look of the comic is constantly evolving.  As are the characters.  It’s rare to see a webcomic with such sincere and deep character (and plot) development.  There is obviously a very rich mythos involved here, and I for one enjoy it.

That being said, this is almost a comic I wish I had only in book form.  Reading one strip a day sometimes necessitates going back and figuring out where in the plot line we are.  I highly recommend reading it all the way through and/or purchasing the books to really get into this strip.  It’s worth it.  Also, y’know, boobs:


(I promise the comic is not all about boobs)



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