Texts From Last Night: Who Put This Pirate Hat Here?

The other day, this happened via text message:

Friend: I was wrong. Captain Picard saves the pug in dune.

Me: Thank god. It was keeping me up at night.

This is just one example of the randomness that is sometimes my text inbox.  And it got me thinking, I wonder if there is a place where people can post their drunken and/or random and hilarious text messages.  I thought I was onto something!  It would be comedy gold!  It would bring in advertisers!  It would earn me tons of loot!  It would……already exist.


TextsFromLastNight.com is the newest thing sweeping the internet.  The young hipsters love it.  I sort of do, too.  It’s a level of voyeurism in sync with sites like PassiveAggressiveNotes.com, and STFU marrieds.

While my little foray into geekdom above doesn’t really warrant the lolz, I assure you there are plenty to be had:

Picture 7Picture 6

The site is beyond NSFW.  It’s not safe for grandmas, little cousins, public transportation or weird-smelling co-workers.

The brilliance of this site is that you know you have one of these texts somewhere in your phone.  You begin wondering if these are from people you know.  You begin scanning the area codes for your area, and wondering if it’s THAT chick from the other night texting about YOUR tiny penis.

Picture 5Picture 4

I fully admit that I started digging through my phone after first visiting this site and looking for something worthy.  I had none.  Well, there was one slightly off-putting discussion about the band Creed, but it was far too shameful to put into a public forum.

Picture 3Picture 2

So go and enjoy other people’s drunken stupidity and sexual exploits.  It’ll kill more than a few minutes of your day.  And isn’t that what the internet is all about?

Picture 1



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