Webcomic Wednesday: Kukuburi

Do you like pretty things? I like pretty things.  As a graphic designer, I sometimes lose the pretty when it comes to images.  I tend to see the trees instead of the forest, if you will.  So I like images that make my eyeballs dance around a little and make me stop breaking everything down into vector lines and pantone colors and just see the pretty.

That being said, Kukuburi is one of the prettiest damn things I have ever seen.

2007-09-04I mean, for fuck’s sake that’s gorgeous.  The man behind the pretty is Ramón Perez, a brilliant illustrator and artist most well known for work on the webcomic ButternutSquash, and print work for Marvel’s NYX (No Way Home), and DC’s JSA: Classifieds (Wildcat).  I first found out about him via the incredible Put The Book Back on the Shelf: A Belle and Sebastion Anthology (Expectations).  I really wish I had a scan of the book because it’s amazing.  But instead, here’s some more pretty Kukuburi art:


Kukuburi is a sequential story about Nadia, a delivery girl who finds herself thrown into a magical dream world that may or may not be real.  Her role in this world has yet to be revealed, but she is being helped along the way by some faithful companions and hindered by giant flying manta ray thingies controlled by a skeleton dude who may or may not be the personification of death.  Also, FLYING BLUE OTTERS!

2008-01-06The comic just recently came back from a long hiatus and I know of at least a million people glad to see it back.  It updates twice a week (Tues/Thurs) and is also available in Italian and French.  Which is just neat.  Even though I don’t speak either.  I took 4 years of Latin.  Worthless.

Seriously, if you are into the pretty and enjoy a story that keeps you guessing and just waiting with baited breath to see what happens next, you’ll love Kukuburi.  I mean, what’s better than something pretty that makes you squirm in anticipation?  Not much, my friends, not bloody much.



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  1. I have seen this before… in my dreams! But no, really.. I have seen this but for the life of me cannot remember how I stumbled on it. Gorgeous is a mildly put statement.

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