Dear BONES: WTF, guys?


Ok, so I realize that Fox’s Bones is not supposed to be thought-provoking, epically good television.  I fully admit to actually really liking it the first few seasons.  It’s fun, fluffy, nerdy, fluffy, fluff fluffy fluff fluff David Boreanaz om nom nom…

um…what was I talking about?  Oh, yeah.

Anyway, my point is that the last season of the show has gotten seriously wanky.  I first noticed it earlier this season when some kid throws a woman into an airplane oven and roasts her to death over 3 hours.  That’s not the part that bugged me.  The part that bugged me is when they have the kid in custody in the airplane, and he makes a joke.  Bones and Booth turn back to him and say “don’t make us turn this plane around!”, chuckle light -heartedly, and chug champagne.  I almost expected a 70’s-esque freeze frame and exit music.

I mean, seriously?  This show used to have some sort of interesting concepts and plots I actually found intriguing for 42 minutes every week.  Now we have Booth hallucinating dead army buddies as a result of a brain tumor, some weird coma-dream-episode featuring Motley Crue and bad Heroes-esque voice-overs, and some serious shark jumping.

This doesn’t have to do with anything in particular.  I just used to like this show and now I don’t.  And it annoys me that they can’t find a better vehicle for David Boreanaz or Emily Deschanel.

In happier news, both Castle and Dollhouse are getting second seasons. All hail the Whedon, the Fillion, and the era of the geek:



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