The State of the BarGeek

terriblephotoshopGood morning, gentle readers.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for attending the state of the BarGeek, and we’re going to go ahead and move forward with a few points of order.

Point of Order #1: What’s in a Name?
We now have an actual domain name!  This blog can now be found at  The wordpress domain name will still work, but it’s nice to have a grown up URL, now isn’t it?

Point of Order #2: Greed is Good.
You may have noticed some changes over there—–> Fret not, these aren’t ads.  They are, however, shameless pleas for cash.  I started up a CafePress store (which, I’m aware, sort of sucks right now, I’m working on it).  So if you have ever felt the need to own a pair of boxer shorts with the *jazzhands* emoticon on them, now is your chance!  For those who don’t feel the need to recieve goods in exchange for money, you can donate to my PayPal.  Why?  Well, because I need money.  Don’t you?  As the blog gets bigger and better and brighter, I have plans for expansion, conventions and better merchandise.  Also, beer costs money.

Point of Order #3: We Be Jammin, Mon.
I will be out of the country for a week starting next Wednesday.  While I’ll have my computer, I can’t promise that I will update frequently (or at all).  I’ll be in Jamaica.  I will be enjoying it.  I can promise lots of drunken Twitter updates, however.

Point of Order #4: We Need YOU!
I need your feedback!  What do you like about the blog?  What do you wish I would STFU about already?  What do you wish there was more of?  Is Emoticomics even funny to anyone besides myself and my friends?  How many of you got to this site by googling “fish and chips”?  Seriously?  Send your comments, suggestions, concerns, nasty threats and tastefully shot boudoir photos to

Point of Order #5: PUPPY!



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  1. I would like more puppies please. Oh and i like emoticomics too but i may be partial. I also like long walks on the beach, but those of you who’ve seen my craig’s list causal encounters listing already know that.

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