Webcomic Wednesday: A Softer World

During the NEWW pub crawl, I ran into a striking young Canadian in a hoodie.  He loudly proclaimed to me, “You’re very pretty, OH MY GOD I AM GOING TO DIE IN HERE!”  I’m fairly certain the two things were not related.  This young man turned out to be none other than Joey Comeau, half of the superteam behind one of my favourite webcomics, A Softer World.

I also had the pleasure of meeting the other half, the amazingly talented Emily Horne (click on her name to see her flickr page).  She was less concerned that she was going to meet her untimely end in a bar in Northampton, MA.  A few weeks later I noticed that a certain drunken blogger had appeared in one of their occasionally whimsical, often insane, and always brilliant comics:

pointYep, that’s me in all of my drunken, opinionated glory.  The young man behind me who looks equal parts scared and amused is Joel Watson of Hijinks Ensue, a really good comic if you feel like checking it out.

I was flattered and amazed, not only because I think that Joey and Emily are good people (they are), but because A Softer World is such a damned good comic.


It’s one of the first webcomics that I started that made me think.  Sometimes about deep things, sometimes about Popsicles.  But it stirred something within me that caused my brain to start percolating.  How many webcomics can you really say that about?  Yes, some of the comics are depressing.  Some are funny.  Some are hopeful.  Some are downright random.  Some of them I plain don’t get because I’m probably not cool enough.  But I guarantee that you will come away with a thought, an opinion, or an inspiration.


This is one of those comics you see yourself in.  Where you read Joey’s words or see one of Emily’s pictures, and you think to yourself, I’ve thought that.  I’ve dreamed that.  I’ve lived that.  It’s familiar and relatable in a way that not many things are.  Especially not many things that you can read on the Internet for free.


A Softer World is like that song you heard once at a bar you didn’t particularly want to be at in the first place, but then end up singing the next day with no memory of its title.  It’s that girl you saw at the library who you swore you know from somewhere but you can’t remember her name or whether or not you kissed her once, or maybe it was her brother.  It’s the friend who shows up at your party and drinks all your gin, only to leave you with a note the next morning that reads “thanks for the purple”.  It’s a zombie attack on the day you get your hunting license, but forget your gun.  It’s an overextended string of bad metaphors by a ridiculous excuse for a blogger.  You get the idea.

The point is, it’s good.  And you should read it.  You should also go buy Joey’s book, Overqualified, which is a collection of actual (and hilarious) job application letters which he’s sent in to employers.  They also have a slew of other projects you should check out.  It’s like a smorgasbord of awesome.




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