Come EXCHANGE Ideas with Philly Artists, Tonight!

It’s the third Tuesday of the month, do you know where your brain cells are?  I think I left mine somewhere around 15th and Sansom in a 24oz beer at Oscars, but that’s beside the point.  When you get around to finding your poor neglected and culturally-starved synapses tonight, you should drag them over to the upstairs lounge at the Copabanana on 4th and South for the Exchange.

chrisvalleyRegular readers will remember my pimping of this event two weeks ago, and I’m here to pimp it again.  The Exchange is put on every other Tuesday by the lovely people at the Community Cultural Exchange in South Philly.  Tonight’s acts include poetry and spoken word by Philly locals Brotha Ray, Wes Gil, Monica Pace and Ebony Malaika Collier, as well as music by the lovely and talented Chris Valley (seen here performing at a previous Exchange).

cce_421_final_2And don’t forget the food and drink specials.  There’s no cover, which already means you’re saving some cash for your precious Star Trek advance tickets.  Appetizers are 1/2 off (and DELICIOUS), and drinks are $1 off.  And this isn’t a Budweiser and Miller Lite sort of party.  Bartender Ash hides a lovely array of tasty fermented beverages in his upstairs cooler, including Strongbow Cider, Troeg’s Dreamweaver Wheat, Allagash White, Weyerbacher Insanity (an 11% abv monstrosity he made me try two weeks ago which will make you love everyone and everything within a 2 foot radius), and the usual draft Kenzingers and Lagers (which is Yuengling for those outside of Pennsylvania), among others.  I promise you’ll find something you like.

So come out, support local artists, enjoy some food and drink, bring your business cards and portfolios, even that knitting project you’ve been meaning to finish (maybe that’s just me).  The CCE are good people who put on a good show, and I promise that they will make you feel more welcome than your crazy Aunt Tabitha with all the precious moments figures in her bathroom (again, maybe that’s just me).  I will be there around 8:30/9ish.  Hope to see you there!

The Exchange
Upstairs at the Copabanana
4th and South Street
No pants*

*please wear pants

(P.S. Yes, I did design the flier.  Thanks for asking.  I also tap dance for money on the street.   It’s a living.)


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One response to “Come EXCHANGE Ideas with Philly Artists, Tonight!

  1. Ash

    Hope you enjoyed the hidden beverages…Copa is sort of like a weird cave…thanks!

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