Webcomic Wednesday: Girls With Slingshots

I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do a Webcomic Wednesday about Girls With Slingshots.  It’s easily one of my favourite webcomics and the third one I sat and read all the way through back when I first discovered webcomics and went on a bit of a binge (The first two were Something Positive and Questionable Content, in case you were curious).

gws073Girls With Slingshots is written and drawn by one of the best (and nicest) in the business, Danielle Corsetto.  It’s one of those character driven comics I wish I lived in if I had enough disposable income to spend my days at the coffee shop and/or bar.  The comic centers around Jamie and Hazel, two 20-something friends living, working, drinking and gallivanting around with their friends, lovers and cohorts, who include gws033(but are not limited to): Maureen the blog girl, Jameson the barista, Candy the carnivore,  Zach the taxi driver and McPedro the talking cactus.  Yes, I said talking cactus.  What? I haven’t even gotten to Sprinkles the Hypoallergenic Kitty or the time McPedro’s mustache went to find himself.   It’s sort of like Friends but without the bad laugh track, constantly changing hairstyles and the wonder of modern comedy that is David Schwimmer.  And, y’know, with more porn, pirates, mustache rides and talking plants.

gws443Danielle is an immensely talented artist, and her earlier strips are incredibly detailed and lovely to look at.  The later strips have been simplified to allow for more updates (which I’m a fan of), but they still rock my socks off.  This is definitely a comic you want to take the time to read the archives of (or you could make Danielle really happy and buy a copy of the books), but it’s a good read for a rainy April day.

gws666It was truly a pleasure to meet Danielle at NEWW last month, and anyone who gets a chance to see her at a convention or get a sketch from her should grab that opportunity and run with it.  It’s not everyday you run into someone so talented who can also pull off a joke about unicorn porn.



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