Webcomic Wednesday: The System

Holy cats, it’s an actual Webcomic Wednesday post!  I know y’all are clamouring for another round of emoticomics, and trust me, there will be more, but today I want to talk about one of my new favourites: The System.

In case you hadn’t guessed, in my real life I’m a graphic designer.  Don’t let the templating of my blog fool you, I actually do know what I’m doing, I’m just incredibly lazy.  Incredibly, painfully lazy.  But I digress, the reason I fell in love with The System is this specific comic (click to see larger):


Oh, how painfully, drunkenly, hilariously true!  Rosscott, it’s as if you read my darkest thoughts, dreams, desires and Twitter posts!  It’s as though you are Dilbert without the suck and with more references to kerning!

But those readers who hate font jokes and think that “kerning” is something you do with popcorn can rest easy, The System is more than that.  It’s a celebration of the quirky, the ironic, the dry, the snarky and the irreverent in our everyday lives as told via universal symbolic representations of men, women, bikes, and Jimmy the Murder Dog.


This is easily the best new comic that I’ve discovered since NEWW.  The comic itself is relatively new (about a year or so old), but creator Rosscott is, in his own words, “kinda famous on the Internet”.  He’s also damn funny.  Damn hell ass funny.


So go, click, read, enjoy, and tell ’em BarGeek sent ya.




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2 responses to “Webcomic Wednesday: The System

  1. Awesome! I totally just stole the designer one and forwarded to my art dept. posse here at work. Good find ;0)

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