The Exchange: The Best Event You Don’t Know About

The Copabanana is one of those South Street establishments I normally pass by on the way to Jim’s Steaks without so much as a second look. But every other Tuesday, something magical happens upstairs in the “Flamingo Lounge”: The Exchange.

What, you’ve never heard of The Exchange? I’m not surprised, it’s one of those low-key, friends of friends events that tends to fly under the radar. But I’m making it my goal to get this event a little more publicity, and a few more butts in the comfy wicker seats.

2030The Exchange is an event which takes place every other Tuesday and is hosted by the Community Cultural Exchange, an emerging non-for-profit organization based in Philadelphia’s South Street Area. The CCE brings together artists, musicians, poets and eclectics from all over Philadelphia to share their work and ideas through events and outreach workshops.

The Exchange showcases some of CCE’s members and friends in a coffee-house like setting, except with less coffee and more beer. Thegary Copabanana provides food and drink specials for the event, and Ash, the upstairs bartender, is rapidly becoming by second favourite bartender in Philly (after the incomparable Erin at Atlantis).

The best part of this event is that you never know what you’re going to see or who you’re going to meet. With everything from punk rock to spoken word to knitting circles, The Exchange truly is a celebration of Philly’s amazingly eclectic art scene. Past events have included performances by Philly locals Twenty30 (seen above left), The Mighty Paradocs, Stumblin’ Munx, Copa Dave, Alien Architect, Gary the Storyteller (seen above right), and many many more. Tonight’s line up includes SexCop, Chris and Rachael, and Lillie Ruth Bussey.

exchange_flierSo now that you’ve heard about this amazing event, I hope to see a few of you there tonight! You can check out more at the CCE’s Facebook Page, or the page for tonight’s Exchange.

Community Cultural Exchange
April 7th, 8:00pm
Upstairs at the Copabanana
4th and South Street

In blog news, we now have an email address for all your questions, concerns and suggestions. Feel free to drop me a line at:



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