BlogPimp: This is Why You’re Fat

I love food.  Now, in the spirit of full discretion, I have not always loved food.  As a woman, I live in a world which teaches me to loathe my body and treat food as the enemy.  It took me 20-something years to figure out that this lesson is complete and utter bullshit.  Food is awesome.  Now, this doesn’t mean we go around eating every fatty, delicious, artery-clogging thing in sight.  But it does mean that, once and a while, we can enjoy something terribly bad for us just because, well, it fucking tastes good.  And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Of course, since we can’t go around being gluttonous and having foodgasms all the time, how to we get our proverbial rocks off in the meantime?  This, gentle readers, is why food porn exists.  Now, food porn isn’t about people fornicating in, around, or with foodstuffs.  No, food porn is what we look at to satisfy that urge for a slice of double chocolate cheese cake with a Snickers bar center when all we have at our disposal is another damn Special K breakfast bar.

We’ve all had our moments of food voyeurism.  Why do you think the Food Network is so popular?  Do you think Rachael ray gets by on charm alone?  or that Emeril has been cashing in on his good looks?  No, they thrive because they provide food porn to the masses.  Sweet, delicious food porn.

elvis_donut1One of my favourite sites for this sinful past-time is This is Why You’re Fat.  Now, this is no 30 minute meals we have here.  This site is hardcore.  So don’t you dare go clicking that link unless you want to see pictures of things like the Elvis Donut ( a chicken_skinpeanut butter glazed donut topped with bananas and bacon), or a basket of fried chicken skin (both pictured at left).

However, if you enjoy seeing the amazing, awesome and yes, sometimes disgusting, creations that people the world over have either documented at their favorite restaurants or made themselves, I would highly recommend a visit over to This is Why You’re Fat.  But don’t blame me when your internet connection gets all clogged up with cheese, hot dogs, pizza, donuts, and lots and lots of bacon.


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2 responses to “BlogPimp: This is Why You’re Fat

  1. miss jackson

    i f*ing love thisiswhyyou’ I mostly love it because it reminds me of things I have been tempted to order at the Allentown Fair.

  2. My favorite food “voyeurism” is Cake Wrecks:

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