New England Webcomics Weekend Part One: Look Ma, I Met a Webcomic Artist!

I know I don’t normally post on Mondays (because, honestly, I’m usually in a fugue state until about lunchtime on Tuesdays).  But the awesomeness that was the New England Webcomics Weekend is going to need more than one post to talk about.

mary_mcdonnellBefore we get started, I would like to lead you towards another shameless piece of self promotion:  Fans of NPR’s Weekend Edition Saturday may have noticed a familiar voice during the Mary McDonnell interview.  Yep, it was none other than yours truly, the one and only Digital Bohemian.  My interview skills need some sharpening, but I think I did fairly well, all things considered (hahaha, NPR pun).  The story can be heard here: Life After Battlestar Galactica

All righty, now we can move on to the true heart of this post, the amazing time that was had this past weekend in Easthampton, MA: The New England Webcomics Weekend!


This event was the brainchild of Meredith Gran (Octopus Pie) and seems to have begun as “hey, webcomic artists, come to Easthampton and get drunk!”.  Somehow this spiraled into a full blown non-convention with panels, awards, and the cream of the webcomics crop.

My cohorts for this adventure were Chuck Egan (Surviving Retail), Dawn Griffin (Zorphbert & Fred), Carlisle “CJ” Devonish (Steal This Comic) and TL (Bullfinch).  I was their pet blogger.  Really, there was a leash involved.

asofterworldThe adventures began with the Friday night pub crawl, wherein I managed to listen to live music and hang with webcomic artists so distinguished that my very breath was taken away at the sight of them.  Unfortunately for me, I was enjoying the “pub” part of the evening too much to remember their names.  Fortunately, there was an entire weekend left to sober up.  However, I did managed to get this eerily-appropriate picture of me with Joey Comeau (A Softer World).


Saturday I went straight for the jugular and went up to meet one of my all-time favorite artists, Rene Engström (Anders Loves Maria).  This was Rene’s first trip to the states (she is from Sweden), and she is one of the sweetest people I have ever had the pleasure of meeting.  She let me sit next to her while she gave an interview, which I will probably end up having a bit of an awkward cameo in whenever the video gets edited. Fortunately I do awkward very well.rene


I also had the good fortune of hanging out with R.K. Milholland (Something Positive), who is the biggest sweetheart on the planet.  Oh, wait, I don’t want to ruin his reputation as a curmudgeon.  Let me re-phrase: R.K. Milholland is a mean, cranky bastard who kicks puppies for fun and profit.  He’s lucky he’s so damn sexy.randy


Continuing the theme, I also met:
danielleDanielle Corsetto (Girls With Slingshots)


davidwillisDavid Willis (Shortpacked)


joelJoel Watson (HijiNKS Ensue)


larLar deSouza (Least I Could Do, Looking for Group)


sohmerRyan Sohmer (Least I Could Do, Looking for Group)



Scott Kurtz (PvP)


And those I didn’t manage to grab a picture with:
Rob D. (Cyanide and Happiness)
Zach Weiner (Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal)
Randall Munroe (XKCD)
Jeph Jacques (Questionable Content)
Emily Horne (A Softer World)


Phew, that’s quite a lot!  Stay tuned for Part Two: Panels, Puppies and Podcasts, Oh My!




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3 responses to “New England Webcomics Weekend Part One: Look Ma, I Met a Webcomic Artist!

  1. Great wrap on the weekend, Blog Grrl. I need to do this already *checks watch*

    You need to get me my pet blogger leash back, BTW. I may need it in the future, yknow.

  2. wereviking

    Surely you’re too cute to be into comics?

    If you have any tips on how to promote a non-graphical webcomic (yeah, I know), let me know about them 🙂

    Zephyr — a superhero webcomic in prose

  3. carlisledevonish

    Who’s that sexy dude in the second pic? Meow!

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