Fermented Friday: Philadelphia Brewing Company

As you can tell, I really don’t have any plans for my Friday posts.  Basically I end up thinking of something to write about Thursday night and then come up with some alliterative sounding title on Fridays.  This is how my creative process works, folks.  Take it or leave it.

Last night I was at my favorite watering hole, Atlantis: The Lost Bar, for my weekly dose of Quizzo with Irish John (best Quizzo in the Philadelphia area, if you want my opinion).  Fortunately for me, my favorite watering hole with my favorite Quizzo game happens to be located across the street from my favorite brewery: The Philadelphia Brewing Company.

philadelphiaBack in the day, the brewers of Yard’s Brewing Company (another Philly fave) took up the historic brewery space right off of Frankford Ave in Kensington.  About a year ago, Yard’s moved to a larger location on Delaware Ave, and about half of the Yard’s crew established PBC in the old brewery.

PBC consistently distributes four beers: Kenzinger, Rowhouse Red, Walt Wit, and Newbold IPA.  You can find these at almost any beer store in Philly, as well as most of the bars.  The most popular to date seems to be the Kenzinger, a smooth, tasty ale that does well in any season.  My personal favorite of the four is the Walt Wit (with a lemon, of course).  It’s got a clean wheat taste without an overabundance of citrus or sweetness, and a nice bite to it.

AtlantisTapsFortunately, since Atlantis is conveniently located across the street, its taps also provide a wide array of PBC’s select brews, including Joe, a thick coffee stout, and the absolutely delicious winter black lager, Philly’z Navidad (half and half with a Kenzinger is my favorite way to drink it).  Last night I got a taste of select brew #5, Shackamaximum Stout.  This 10% abv hammer of a beer is tremendously tasty.  Its got a nice chocolate taste without that weird bitter aftertaste that can sometimes plague stouts of this magnitude.

So keep an eye out for the PBC brews at your local bar and beer distributors, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.



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  1. Hey, cool tips. I’ll buy a bottle of beer to that man from that forum who told me to visit your blog 🙂

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