Webcomic Wednesday: New England Webcomics Weekend

I don’t draw webcomics.  I’ve tried.  My results end up looking like this:


Har har har, ass jokes are funny.  Also, this was before I acquired a tablet.  I drew the above with a mouse in Photoshop.  Small piece of trivia: I still do most of my vector drawing with a mouse instead of my tablet, I really only use the tablet for painting and coloring.

Anyway, you can plainly see why I’m not a webcomic artist.  I barely even consider myself a blogger.  Mostly I just think I’m someone who gets really bored at my regular job and chooses to write about some things I like in a public forum.  I guess I consider myself a digital word-vomiter.  However, as I’m sure you’ve noticed, I LOVE webcomics.

I’ve always been a comic book nerd, since my dad first sat me down with his leather-bound copy of golden age DC stories.  I discovered webcomics through an ex-boyfriend who showed me the stew-pot of wonderfulness that is Randy Milholland’s Something Positive.  In fact, it was this exact comic:


Awww….but I was hooked.  I spent my office free-time reading through the archives of S*P, then moving on to The Devil’s Panties, Girls With Slingshots, Questionable Content, and so on and so forth.  I love webcomics.  A lot.

So when I read about the New England Webcomics Weekend, a free convention in Massachusetts dedicated ONLY to webcomics, I was entirely on board.  And so was everyone else, apparently.  Due to overwhelming response, registration for the event is now closed.  But if you are one of the lucky folks who got in on time, I look forward to seeing you there.  I’d also like to give a giant shout-out to the organizers who seem to be handling this herd of cats with very cool heads.

I’m honestly not sure what to expect.  I’ve never been a big convention attender.  Sure, I’ve done my share of them, but I’ve never been a con regular.  In fact, the last one I really attended was when my then-boyfriend was pimping the online comic he drew for, Nightmare World.  This time, I will not be playing the role of booth babe.  I will be driving up with a webcomic artist, and staying with webcomic artists.  I will be hanging out with webcomic artists.  As I mentioned, I am NOT a webcomic artist.  Just a fan.  A rabid fan, perhaps, but still just a fan.  The idea of being able to pal around with the big names (Randy Milholland, Jeph Jacques, Danielle Corsetto, Scott Kurtz, etc.) sort of makes me feel like a giddy fangirl.  These are people whose work I greatly respect for both their quality and their innovation.  I look forward to hearing about being successful as an artist in a digital arena, and how I can move forward with my own career in this crazy world called Internet.

I guess the point of this post is that I love webcomics, and cannot wait to meet some of the people who create them.  I cannot wait to possibly drink beer and try and find a television to watch the BSG finale on with them.  To put it simply, I cannot wait for the New England Webcomics Weekend.



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