Fantasy Friday: The Sword

Do you love the Luna Brothers?  Because I do.  They’re best known for their amazing work on Girls and Ultra, but they also worked on the successful Spider-Woman: Origin, written by Brian Michael Bendis and Brian Reed.

Their newest effort is the spectacularly bloody series, The Sword.  No, really, it’s bloody.  Blood, guts, eviscerations, bone shards, etc.  All over.  I love it.  Fortunately, there’s also a really good story to go along with the amount of violence and gore.

trade_oneThe Sword centers around a young woman named Dara Brighton whose life is destroyed by three strangers who viciously murder her family while looking for a mythical sword.  Dara is the the one who ends up finding the sword, which brings her the ability to heal as well as a slew of super-powers and strength.

Dara begins her bloody, gory quest for vengeance that leads her to find that the three strangers are actually immortal gods, and that her father was hiding a huge secret about his past

So far, I’ve gotten through the first two trade paperbacks and I have to say, I really, really like it.  The story and art are really great, and (as far as mythical swords and immortal gods are concerned) very realistic.  I find myself genuinely feeling for Dara and being disgusted with the acts of some of the villains.  You really find yourself rooting for this girl.

sword_pageThe action sequences are well-drawn and put together and the flow is very cinematic.  These are fast and exciting reads.  I think I finished each trade in less than half an hour.  I couldn’t put them down.  I really can’t emphasize enough the amount of violence, though.  The image at right is the only one I could find without blood, guts or beheading.  Personally, I don’t think the violence is unnecessary in terms of the story and I happen to like it.  But it may not be something you want your little cousin picking up.

The first issue of The Sword can be read online for free at Image Comics.  Otherwise, you should head on down to your local comic book provider and buy some trades and/or back issues.



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