Dear Heroes: STFU

It’s no stretch of the imagination to say that there are a lot of things wrong with NBC’s Heroes.  However, I would like to inform the writers of something which they seem to be so painfully and almost insultingly unaware of that the mere mentioning of it could cause them to suffer a massive coronary.  So, dear Heroes writers, prepare yourselves.  Are you ready?  Because here it is:


I know, I know, it’s a shock to the system.  Try to contain yourselves.  Oh, but wait, there’s more:


Obviously, these two facts alone are so foreign to you that I should give you some time to recover before I even mention the fact that attractive women also draw and write comic books.

claire-in-comic-book-storeYou see, I understand that you think there is so much inherent comedy in having the sultry, underage, former cheerleader Claire wander into a comic book store a few episode ago to the welcoming sentence of “Well, we don’t get many girls in here” (har har har).  But then to have her come back in last night’s episode to apply for a job in said comic book store because “Every guy in here has been staring at you since you came in, you’ll definitely sell comics” sort of made me want to rip your forehead open and eat what’s left of your brains so that I could absorb the power of being able to write 7th grade fan fiction.

Why are there never any women in your comic book store, Heroes?  Is it so incomprehensible to you that women read comics, too?  That we might KNOW that Wednesday is new comic day?  That, perhaps, women are nerds, too?  Come to think of it, how come none of the women on the show have ever had Isaac’s seemingly ubiquitous future-telling-comic-book-art-drawing power?

Heroes, I want you to think about your audience.  This is a show that 15 year old me would have loved.  This was a 15 year old who watched Seaquest DSV even after they went forward in time and the show got all Lucas-centric;  a 15 year old who walked 1.5 miles to downtown Bethesda to get comic books on Saturdays; who helped her father bag and tag 15 long boxes of comics; who wrote DS9 and X-Men fan fiction; who subscribed to Wizard and dutifully looked up the value of every book in her collection every month.  This 15 year old still exists out there somewhere.  This 15 year old is probably a girl.  You are alienating this 15 year old by insinuating that girls don’t read comics, and that hot girls in comic book stores are only there as nerd bait.

This isn’t a feminist issue, this is an issue of reality.  The reality is that today, in 2009, women are major contributors to the comic industry, and the science fiction and fantasy genres as a whole.  So please, Heroes, just STFU.

Love always,




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2 responses to “Dear Heroes: STFU

  1. Found your blog by way of the NEWW forum. See you there?
    Had to comment on this blog entry, since you describe a just-completed storyline in one of the webcomics I follow: “Menage A 3.” You’ll want to start here for the “girl in the comic shop” story:
    It’s a silly comic with far-too-cliched characters, but it’s got something that holds my attention (and not just Didi’s incredible body, though that helps too).
    BTW, I lived in South Jersey years ago (in the ’70s) and loved Philly then. Also love Strongbow cider, though I haven’t seen it here in MA — my experience with it was in London.

    • bargeek

      I actually follow Me3 (I love Penny and Aggie, and Cool Cat had its moments). I thought of that storyline after I finished writing this entry, I actually might write something about it later on. Although, in the spirit of full disclosure, I would totally buy more comics from Zii than from Claire.

      I will be seeing you at NEWW!

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