Webcomic Wednesday: Bellen!

I am a hopeless romantic, I admit it.  I want to believe in the idea that we have soul mates, that we will find our complimentary pieces in this great puzzle of life.  I am also sardonic, cynical, pessimistic and occasionally grumpy.  Which is why I love Bellen! by Box Brown.


Bellen! tells the story of Ben, a slightly grumpy, pessimistic, anti-social miscreant, and his better half, Ellen, who is always there with a dose of reality and/or snuggles.  The humor is irreverent and observational, the art is straightforward and simple, and it’s the webcomic equivalent of hot cocoa on a rainy day.  It just makes me happy.

BellenTriviaBen and Ellen feel like real people.  They feel like people I know, and they also remind me of myself.  They’re the couple you want to invite over for Guitar Hero and tacos.  They’re the couple you want to be, and they’re the couple you sort of hate for being so perfect for each other.

There’s no real storyline per se, some of the earlier comics followed one, but that drifted off pretty quickly, so you can jump right on in.  The archives are worth it, however.  Especially if you’re having a particularly bad day.  It’s also interesting to see how the format and artwork of the comic has evolved.  Personally, I think the changes in style and layout compliment the growth of the characters as well as the artist. It really is a nice way to kill a few hours.

Bellen! updates Monday/Wednesday/Friday on the web and is also in print in The Hudson Current out of Hoboken, NJ.



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