Simple Pleasures

Sorry for the lack of updates yesterday, I got snowed in at Phrigid’s and, quite frankly, was really enjoying a day of lounging around in PJs.

We here at BarGeeks like to introduce you to some of our favorite beer, food, shows, movies, websites, etc.  I never claim to have high brow taste or highly developed sensibilities for such things, but I like to think Phrigid and I share some of our better experiences.

But this weekend, with rapidly dwindling bank accounts and a foot of snow on the ground, became less about new things and more about the things we sometimes forget we love.

So I present to you here a list of some of our Simple Pleasures.  I may make this a regular feature if you guys seem to like it.

1) Dundee Honey Brown

dundee_honeyI constantly forget how much I like this beer.  Don’t let the “honey” part fool you into thinking it’s ridiculously sweet (like the Blue Moon spin-off, Honey Moon, which I can’t stomach), this lager is decidedly a lager, with just a hint of the honey tone to it.  Smooth and flavorful, it’s light enough for a summer picnic and heavy enough for a nor’easter.  It’s also fairly affordable (at least in my region, micro-brew prices vary from state to state).

2) Girl Scout Cookie Ice-Cream

girlscouticecreamIt’s girl-scout cookie time, and while the cookies themselves are enough to fill anyone with child-like glee, did you know that Edy’s (aka Dreyers on the west coast) make ice cream flavored with our favorite crunchy, sugary, young-girl-self-esteem-developing treats?  My personal favorite is Samoas (although the cookie name has changed to Caramel D’Lights or something equally benign).  Phrigid likes the Tagalong flavor.  These were buy one get one free at our local Thriftway.  Not a bad deal.

3) Good Eats with Alton Brown

good_eats_0081To say I love the Food Network is an understatement.  If it were legal for me to marry a television network, Food Network would be it.  I will watch pretty much anything they put out.  That being said, Good Eats with Alton Brown is probably my favourite thing on the entire network (until they bring back re-runs of the original Iron Chef series).  His shows are funny, informative, and lay out simple and easy recipes that even I have followed with some measure of success.

4)  Good Bad Cheap Chinese Food

goodbadcheapchineseWe all have the place we turn to when we need the ultimate comfort food: Good Bad Cheap Chinese (GBCC).  It’s got just the right amount of MSG, grease, meat-like textures and over-fried egg rolls.  It’s not gourmet, but it’ll last you at least 3 meals and usually costs under $10.  Order more than $10 and you get that complimentary can of soda no one else wants to drink (Sunkist is what I usually end up with).  These are the places that leave menus stuffed into your door, and yell at you in Cantonese when they answer the phone.  I could not function without them, or without my sesame chicken dinner combo.

5) Disney Movies

theincredibles_posterWhen Phrigid and I first started dating, he got sick for a week (unrelated to dating me, as far as I can tell).  I brought him a copy of The Incredibles and we must have watched it about 10 times.  I also brought him a Hello Kitty balloon, but that is neither here nor there.  Both of us have an inherent soft spot for all things Disney.  I fully admit to having a softer spot for the musicals than he does, but we both can be cheered up by watching anything with the Disney and/or Pixar stamp on it.  Lately my feel-good flick has been Enchanted, which is pretty damn cute.

So that’s it, a small list of the simpler things that keep me and Phrigid sane during the days when our wallets are empty and our cars are buried in frozen water.  Feel free to send us some suggestions for future Simple Pleasures features, and I’ll do my best to oblige.



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