Webcomic Wednesday: Questionable Content

Hey gang, sorry about the lack of a post yesterday, some personal stuff got in the way of me being a functional blogger. I know, people on the internet have lives, it’s amazing.

Today’s round of Webcomic Wednesday is going to be kind of a no-brainer since my brain is still a wee bit scrambled by the aforementioned personal stuff. But hey, thems the breaks.

If you aren’t reading Questionable Content by Jeph Jacques, then we can’t be friends. Well, I may be willing to make an exception if you go to the link now and start reading. But hurry up.

In all seriousness, QC is a staple of any good webcomic diet. It’s a storyline and character-based comic with a lot of humour, a lot of romance, a lot of indie music references that will make you feel old and uncool in that good tingly way, and just enough drama to keep you coming back for more.

Jeph is one of those webcomic artists who has evolved his drawing style basically by drawing a webcomic. The art in the first few years is so different than the current art, it almost seems like a different person drew them. But it’s been all Jeph since 2003 and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

The main characters are all in their twenties, and do the typical hipster in denial jobs that allow them copious amounts of free time to drink and cause drama. But don’t be fooled, these are some of the most layered characters you’re apt to meet in webcomics. I really recommend going back and reading the archives to get the full story behind most of them, it’s worth the trouble

A lot of the comic relief is provided by Pintsize, an “Anthro-PC”, and Winslow, an Apple Anthro-PC that resembles a 1st gen iPod. They have adventures with a Roomba. It’s awesome.

Jeph’s music references get a little heavy for me sometimes, but I’m not as hip about music as I probably should be. Although I will admit I’ve checked out a few bands on his reccomendation.

There isn’t anywhere near the amount of sex or boobs as in the other two comics I’ve talked about here, but there is definitely sexual tension, which is sometimes more entertaining than boobs. Sometimes. At any rate, QC is almost always SFW, so you really don’t have a lot of excuses.

So, if you aren’t reading QC, then you need to. If you’ve never read a webcomic before, start here. If you already read QC, go back and read the archives again. If you’ve already done that, well, go down to the other Webcomic Wednesday posts and read those comics. Already done that? Well, then why don’t you do some work, you damn slackers.



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