the shit we talk about at bars

This weekend I had an epiphany of sorts. Within a 24 hour period, I had two separate conversations at two separate bars about The Watchmen.

P.S., if you haven’t seen The Watchmen trailer yet, get off your ass and go , squee yourself silly, and then come back. We’ll wait. Promise.

Anyway, the epiphany was not of the “I probably drink too much” variety (although I admit that after about 8 Walt Wits, my conversation skills had probably degraded some), but rather of the “man, someone should write about all the cool shit we talk about at bars”.

I mean, there are blogs about geeky shit. I’m not going to try and be another Geekadelphia. There are blogs about food. There are blogs about beer. I don’t think we’re filling a niche here. I think we’re two geeks who like to go to bars, drink dank beer, eat good food, and talk to the bartender about video games and comic books. So why not write some of this shit down?

So, yeah. We’re (btw, the ubiquitous “we” I keep referring to would be myself and my partner in crime, Phrigid. See the Meet the Geeks page for our illustrious and incomplete profiles) going to talk about the beer we drink, the food we eat, and the cool shit we talk about while doing it.

We’ll probably also post funny pictures of our cats. We’re like that.

–Digital Bohemian


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